Forage Nitrate Value Converter and Guide

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Directions: After obtaining a test result for nitrate, nitrate nitrogen, or potassium nitrate (dry matter basis) use the converter below to calculate all equivalent values for nitrate, nitrate nitrogen, and potassium nitrate. Enter only one value into the apporiate yellow box on the left side of the page and then press the "Enter" key - values will automatically be calculated. Until a value is entered into the calculator and the "Enter" key is pressed, the default recommendation will read "Considered safe to feed under all conditions." A recommendation for feeding to livestock will also be generated in the white box below. Reload the page or delete your original test value before trying to use the nitrate value converter again. This converter and guide is only intended for general information. Feeding recommendations should be tailored to your unique situation. Before feeding livestock feeds known to be high in nitrate, contact your local Extension office or other local authority. For more information about nitrate toxicity view the following pages: Beware of Nitrates and Nitrate Poisoning.

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